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This new generator is finally here just for you, and you can be sure that Call of Duty Heroes Hack will be a great decision if you use it. Our tool is going to work pretty well on any iOS or even Android device that you use, so you will never need to use any other similar cheats. We created this tool to help you, and you can always be sure that you will have an opportunity to be the best while using it. We recommend you to trust this one because you will have a great game time that you will enjoy.

We hope that this hack generator is going to be an exceptional choice for you if you’re running out of resources too fast and you can just use it right away because it has a friendly interface that will bring to you a generator that you will enjoy. We recommend you never to fear of getting banned or something similar to that while using this Call of Duty Heroes Cheat because it will never happen to you and you will never need any other application.

Online Generator

Features in this new Call of Duty Heroes Hack Tool:


  • Unlimited Gold
  • Infinite Celerium
  • Unlimited Oil
  • Ability to add all of the resources pretty fast




1. Visit our online generator.
2. Enter your game username, select your platform and click Connect.
3. Choose your desired amount of resources and click Generate.
4. Enjoy!

call of duty heroes hack proof

About the game:


In Call of Duty Heroes, all you have to do is going to have fun. You will need to construct a base that is going to be better than your enemies. You will then have to defend that base and attack other bases you will find in the game. As you play the game, you will remark the fact that some of the players that use it are better than you. You shouldn’t feel that you have a disadvantage because they usually buy additional features in the game and you aren’t probably doing so.

We made this new Call of Duty Heroes Cheats for you to gain all of those features for without the fear of getting banned in the game. You can be sure that our generator is the right choice for you and you will always have a great game time while using it out. We encourage you to use this one out because it will be a good option to pass all of your enemies fast enough if you decide to take advantage of it. You will start seeing the fact that this Call of Duty Heroes Hack will be a great tool for you.